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Guiding to Grow, Achieve & Succeed


Wendy Scott, CAE

As the Founder and President of Wendy Scott & Associates, Inc., I've had the privilege to lead and empower dedicated staff, Board of Directors and hundreds of volunteer leaders of professional and trade associations, social mission nonprofits and foundations based in the U.S. and internationally for over 35 years. My experience as an Executive Director/CEO, successful entrepreneur and leadership development specialist allows me to bring a practical, business minded approach and strategies to help move organizations forward. Developing an "innovation mindset" and planning for effective change management are keys to long term sustainability.

When leaders reach out to me, I often ask them these key questions:

  • What are the "pain points" holding your organization back from reaching its full potential?

  • Are there obstacles preventing you from setting personal goals and being a more effective leader?

  • What are you tolerating now that you'd like to change?

  • If experiencing an executive-level management transition, what are your most important interim needs?


I believe that every person and organization is fully resourceful, capable of setting goals and an action plan to achieve them. We'll focus on strengths while working collaboratively to improve performance and fulfill your long term vision for personal and/or organizational growth and success.

Wendy Scott & Associates Inc

 Wendy and John C. Maxwell 

Bill Caulkins, Vice President, WSA

Wendy Scott & Associates, Inc. Executive Leadership

WSA is part of a large network of experienced specialists in management, consulting, training and organizational development. Additional team members are available to provide strategic value for WSA clients and special projects for professional societies and trade associations, social mission nonprofits, and corporations.

Bill Caulkins, WSA Vice President, supports all WSA clients as a recognized Information Technology professional with over 30 years experience in supporting diverse nonprofits and corporations in database design, development, testing and IT project management. In addition to past positions at the World Bank, GlaxoSmithKline. DBMS Consulting, and more, Bill also supports WSA finance and business development. 

Certifications, Awards & Memberships

  • Certified Association Executive (CAE) since 1998

  • Certified Maxwell Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker

  • “Outstanding Association CEO of the Year” James J. Lowry Award, Association Executives of North Carolina

  • Institute of Coaching, McLean, Affiliate of Harvard Medical School, Affiliate Member

  • Member, American Society of Association Executives since 1994

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