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Training and Professional Development

Grow and Strengthen Your Staff and Volunteer Leaders!

Whether you're seeking personal or professional growth for individuals or teams, we'll discuss your most pressing professional development needs and design a training plan to support them.

Formats: Virtual (Zoom, Teams, etc.) or In-Person


Choose from:

  • 45 or 60-minute Professional Development/Training Sessions

  • Half and Full-day Training Sessions/Workshops

  • 4-to 6 Week Courses meeting for 1 hour weekly 

  • Board of Directors and/or Staff Leadership Retreat Sessions

  • Annual Conference Leadership Development Workshops

  • Executive Coaching 


Your individually designed professional development program will include topics most relevant to your staff and/or volunteer leader's needs.

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Here are examples of some of the topics available:

Strengthening the Board of Directors/Volunteers and Staff Relationship

Do you want to improve and cultivate a true partnership with your Board/volunteer leaders?  If you're an Executive Director/CEO or part of a management team for a 501(c)6 professional or trade association , or a 501(c)3 social-mission or charitable nonprofit, we'll study the characteristics of a well functioning Board/Staff relationship and how to leverage that in fulfilling your mission more effectively.

Communicating vs. Connecting

Staff and leaders might think they're good communicators but are they really connecting with others to support the mission? Learn more effective communication strategies that will spark new growth and strengthen relationships.

Impactful Leadership

"Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less..." as stated by John C. Maxwell. Improving staff and volunteer leadership skills will make your organization more effective and better meet the needs of your members or customers.

Embracing Innovation

How can your association, association management company, other nonprofit or business remain relevant in this age of disruption? What steps can staff and volunteer leaders take to identify areas for change and implement innovation?

Living Intentionally

Are you seeking new ways to apply your skills? Want to fulfill your hopes and dreams in an "encore" career after devoting years in your profession? See what others have done to start a new chapter in their "lifestyle business" and how you can achieve your own vision!

Leadership Game

A fun, yet challenging, experience designed to help you and your team better understand core leadership principles and values. It can be played with up to twelve team  members. It's designed for team building and to help increase effectiveness and leadership awareness.  It is based on the timeless principles from John Maxwell’s writings.

One-on-One and Team Coaching

With over 35 years experience in leading and advising organizations and their leaders, Wendy Scott, CAE, is a Certified Maxwell Coach and can help you grow and reach goals with one-on-one coaching.

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